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Here we compiled some of the frequently asked questions that Link users have, if you can’t find the answer you can contact our customer service team.


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Reservation Process

Here we answer the most common questions about the process of reserving fractions of a suite property.

A real estate fraction is a part of a property. This form of sale allows purchasing small parts of a property to obtain profitability for a small portion instead of an entire property.
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From one fraction to the entirety of the fractions of a property.

Yes, to complete the reservation payment process, you will need a credit card with funds. The reservation amount varies depending on the property and the number of fractions.

No, it is not necessary to be an American citizen or have an American visa for the reservation and subsequent purchase process.

You will receive an email with banking information to make the payment of the fraction balance. The email will specify the amount to pay for the balance of your purchase and the US bank account where you should make the payment. Also, a member of our team will contact you for further assistance.

Purchase Process

Learn about the purchase process once you have completed the payment of the reservation of the real estate fractions you want to acquire.

LINK is a brand of The Ioni Group that handles the property purchase registration process on behalf of investors (you). That’s why it will request documentation to assign you as the official owner of the fractions you have purchased. It is a mandatory legal process.

You must make it to the bank account we will provide you via email once you have completed the reservation. If you are outside the United States, you will need to make an international transfer for the value of the balance of your acquired fractions. The email will contain all the information for you to make the payment without any issues; if you have any questions, please contact us at (+1 (786) 310-3727).

It is a contract but on a blockchain, allowing you to own a fraction of a property digitally. It is a process that helps all parties ensure the veracity and authenticity of being the holder of such fractions. Additionally, it facilitates the contractual process between the parties and enables selling/buying from anywhere in the world with cryptocurrencies (in this case, USDT).

It is the positive/negative variation of the price of a project since its initial listing.

If you want to sell your real estate fractions, you can do so when the project status is “Built” through the LINK Marketplace; you can never do it if it is in the “Off-plan” or “Under Construction” status.

About Marketplace

Get to know the frequently asked questions about the process of buying or selling real estate fractions in LINK’s P2P marketplace.

It is the cryptographic representation indicating the authenticity and ownership of a digital asset. As an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), it validates who owns a property through the blockchain, in this case, Ethereum. Each property and its fractions are part of a fractionated NFT that relates the fractions to the owners.

The fractions you purchased through LINK can be published for sale in the Marketplace if the project is in the “Built” status. You won’t see the fractions you own if they are in the “Off-plan” or “Under Construction” status because we don’t allow fractions to be sold until the project is fully built. When you want to publish an NFT, you will be asked to assign the amount of fractions you want to sell and the price at which you want to publish it. LINK will charge a small fee to publish the NFTs for sale, as a fee will need to be paid to the smart contract for the property transfer upon selling it.

Because the payment between buyer and seller is peer-to-peer (P2P), it will be made with USDT, which is the cryptographic pair of the US dollar. When you make a transfer from one crypto wallet to another, it can be validated in less than 5 minutes that the funds have been received. This makes the selling process more agile and allows for quicker release by the seller.

You can wait and confirm with the buyer the address of your crypto wallet, “make sure to provide the correct address of your wallet.” Normally, the transfer takes less than 10 minutes. If there is congestion on the Ethereum network, it may take up to 30 minutes to validate. If even after waiting for 30 minutes you haven’t received the transfer, use the Appeal process within the negotiation so that we can help clarify what happened. At that point, LINK will decide whether to release the NFT or not.

Check the list of fractions published for sale on the platform, start the negotiation process with the seller. You will have to pay them with USDT to the address provided by the seller “we suggest you confirm it via chat before sending the money.” Once you have sent it, mark the order as paid and attach the proof of successful transaction. Wait for the seller to verify and release the NFT. Once the release is successful, you will see your NFT in the “My Investments” section, under the “Built” tab.

Use the appeal process only if the time has elapsed and the sale has not been completed. In that case, LINK will validate if everything is in order and will determine whether to release the NFT to the buyer based on the evidence.

Talk to the seller through chat, wait for them to verify the successful transfer. If they do not release, you can request an appeal and LINK will assist you in managing the release of your NFTs.

Account settings

Get to know the frequently asked questions about your account settings.

Account verification ensures that all platform users can rest assured that it is a 100% secure platform.

The Signature PIN is used to sign documents when buying or selling in the marketplace. Go to the Signature section and create your signature. First, you need to draw your signature, and then create a 6-digit PIN to sign with it (You must save this signature PIN as it cannot be recovered).

The Access PIN is your password to log in to the platform. It is a secure process for you to log in with your PIN. Do not share it with anyone.

Yes, in the account settings, you can change your contact information.

Yes, you can change your address where you want to receive the money from the sales you make in the marketplace at any time.

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