Steps to sell your NFT

Step by step to learn how to sell your real estate fractional NFT smoothly.
Click on the button Sell my NFT

Search in your real estate fractions that are in “built” status, if you do not have any investment in “built” status it will not appear to publish it, since only those that are already built can be sold as NFT real estate fractions.

Choose the suite you want to publish

Search within your list of suites the one you want to sell, and then choose the amount of fractions you want to sell within the ones you have available in that suite. Validate the price in ETH as the transaction will arrive directly to your ETH wallet.

Ethereum allows you to create NFT smartcontracts and you can validate in less than 5 minutes that the transaction has arrived at your address (no matter where in the world the buyer is).

Waiting for a buyer to arrive

You will see your publication empty while you do not have a buyer interested in your NFT, once there is an interested buyer we will notify you, for that check the next step.

Up to this point you will be able to edit or delete the offer, once there is an interested buyer you will have to reject it to be able to edit or delete the transaction.

A buyer has arrived. What to do?

Talk to the buyer, verify your ETH address (ERC20) so you can be sure that the buyer will send the money to the correct address.

For the negotiation process you will have a maximum time of 60 minutes, if this time is over you will not be able to continue and the negotiation will be cancelled.

Check that you have received the money and prepare for release

Check that you have received the money, you will receive a notification that the buyer has sent the money, you will see a button to see the buyer’s transfer receipt and a button to release the NFT.

It may take a few minutes while you receive the money, sometimes it may take longer than normal if the network is saturated, but it is usually between 20 seconds and 14 minutes.

If after that time you have not received the money we recommend you to open the Appeal process.

Did your money arrive? Release the NFT

Click on “Release NFT” and a window will open where you will have to enter your confirmation PIN that you use to sign documents. This will confirm the transfer of the NFT to the buyer’s account.

This process cannot be undone so we recommend you to act slowly, the buyer will be notified once you have sent the NFT.

Congratulations! You have successfully sold your NFT

Your NFT was successfully sold, so congratulations on this process. Now you will no longer see the fractions in “My Investments” unless you have kept some fraction of the same suite for yourself.

Did you have any problems with the sale?

If you had problems it is best if you can talk to the counter-party before starting an Appeal process. In the appeal Link will enter the chat and negotiation to validate that the money has been sent correctly to the wallet that the seller has placed, and will determine to whom the NFT belongs.

This process is rigorous and it is 100% in Link’s hands to determine to rule in favor of the buyer or seller.

The reference images are from the web version, but the functional process of the app is exactly the same.